Overview: Fatz’s Diner Gigablox Slot

Diners may be an American tradition, but TV and movies have made them famous worldwide as ‘theme’ eateries. These businesses let you sit at a booth and order apple pie and coffee while listening to a jukebox. The BBC calls Yggdrasil’s Fatz’s Diner Gigablox ‘a true American experience’ while trying your luck. Fatz’s customers are animals, therefore this won’t be a regular American dining experience.

Fatz’s Diner is swinging, from its chequered floor tiling to its lively colors and rockin’ music. Nice and clean, which is always a plus when choosing a restaurant. Fatz’s isn’t only filled with cheeseburgers, shakes, and fries since its animal clients and food symbols are created to meet animal demands. In conclusion, Fatz’s Diner is a great location to dine and gamble.

You may do so by betting 20 p/c to £/€40 and pressing the spin button or buying one of the two additional features. The default return to player is 96% and uses a volatile math model regardless of play. The front-of-house 5-reel, 5-row game grid has 40 chances to win.

Fatz’s Diner Gigablox has nine regular payouts and pays out all pay symbols when 3 to 5-of-a-kind. Bananas, berries, greenery, and flesh are the low pays, while crocodiles, monkeys, goats, lions, and hippopotamuses are the high pays. Five-of-a-kind winning lines pay 0.8x the stake for low-paying food items and 1 to 4 times for animal premiums. Record symbols are wild and replace all paying symbols.

Gigablox: Fatz’s Diner Slot Features

Gigablox is a major event here, and Expand & Respins is related. Free spins and bonus buys are also included.


Two to five reels can form a Gigablox reel per spin. Gigablox symbols are bigger than typical and work in 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 blocks. All symbols except Expand & Respin can land as Gigablox.


An Expand & Respin sign awards a respin and expands the current Gigareel one spot toward the triggering symbol. Additional respins and expansions may come from Multiplier Expand & Respin symbols. Expand & Respin symbols appear on one reel.

Free Spins

Free spins are offered for 5 scatter symbols. You get 5 free spins plus the scatter symbol count. Every 3 Expand & Respin symbols gathered during free spins raises the minimum Gigareel size for the round. Hippo, the highest-paying symbol, gets a multiplier. With each Hippo win, the multiplier rises by 3. Only after the round does the multiplier reset. Bonus free spins are provided when scatter symbols appear.

Buy Bonus

Players can get 10–30 free spins by betting 100x. Spend 600x the stake to earn 30 free spins with the Hippo multiplier at x9.

Gigablox: Fatz’s Diner Slot Review

Fatz’s Diner Gigablox is a well-made game for Gigablox fans. It’s sleek, dances to its rollicking rhythms, and has a charming cast of animal characters. Fatz’s Diner Gigablox differentiates itself from other Gigablox slots in theme.

Fatz’s Diner Gigablox’s Expand & Respin function highlights the Gigablox mechanism. Expand & Respin increases Gigareels and triggers a respin, giving the mechanism more area to perform. Low symbol values are a drawback of Fatz’s Diner Gigablox. After the initial full-screen victory, the monkey symbol returned 48x the bet. Since the Hippo symbol has a multiplier, landing it in free spins might be lucrative, yet Hippo winnings were rare during the study.

No big impact has been made on Fatz’s Diner Gigablox’s 9,000x the bet maximum winning potential. Fatz’s Diner Gigablox serves Giga lovers a large, greasy, cheesy burger of a slot despite its ups and downs.

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